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What we do


In today’s financial environment, you need more than a typical CPA firm.

Whether you are a privately held or public company, a tax exempt organization, or a government entity, you are challenged by a wave of revenue and funding pressures, ever-increasing demands for internal control and governance, increasingly onerous compliance requirements and the ever-present need for sound financial and operating management practices.

ALSOOR CPA Firm offers a diverse range of accounting, audit, tax, and business advisory services such as enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance programs to help you deal with these complex issues.

For many of our clients, the line between their business and personal finances is not clearly defined and it takes deep insight and understanding to achieve just the right balance of compliance with asset growth and protection. That's why business owners and individuals turn to ALSOOR CPA Firm for business strategies, wealth management advice, financial planning and financial services.

And, if you are an international company working in Kuwait in any field or Project and require a tax advice, we at ALSOOR CPA Firm have the best tax experts.

And, if you are a business owner thinking about leaving the business, we offer life transition services; from succession, retirement and estate planning to business valuations and appraisals.

To deal with the myriad of complex corporate, organizational or personal challenges you face The ALSOOR CPA Firm delivers accounting, auditing and tax services of unsurpassed quality—complemented by a wide variety of specialty services and lines of business.